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Tobias Frewer


ctOS architect (formerly)
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Tobias Frewer is a character in Watch Dogs, and is one of the former chief architects of the ctOS suite for Blume Corporation.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Tobias Frewer was one of the pioneers behind the CtOS program, under employ of the Blume Corporation. After he was fired, he became a schizophrenic homeless, staying off the grid as much as possible. He was responsible for the construction of The Bunker, and aided Aiden Pearce in opening and controlling it. He also sells pre-crafted items from his ramshackle shop.

Story[edit | edit source]

Watch Dogs[edit | edit source]

After Aiden Pearce and Clara hack a camera, they find that Frewer has control over the bridges on the island. They visit his shop, only to find it empty. They hack a nearby phone, and find that Tobias is in Parker Square, and that Fixers are pursuing them. Aiden kills both, then joins the poker game. Tobias becomes angry when Aiden asks if he is Frewer, flipping over a table and running. Aiden chases him down, and convinces him to give Aiden control over the bridges. Tobias' shop becomes available to the player.

Bad Blood[edit | edit source]