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The Smartphone is a gadget used by Marcus Holloway in Watch Dogs 2.



A variety of apps (applications) are installed (or can be installed) on your Smartphone to boost its functionality. The following apps are known at this time:

  • Nudle Maps - A riff on the Google Maps application, this app allows you to plan routes and track throughout the map. Opens the game map.
  • DedSec App - Used to organize missions, contact DedSec members, and displays DedSec data.
  • Research - Displays your skill tree, and allows you to unlock skills.
  • Car on Demand - Delivers any car or vehicle to your location.
  • App Shop - Allows you to install new apps.
  • Driver San Francisco - An Uber riff, allowing you to call drivers to your location, or pick up people to learn about marks and missions.
  • ScoutX - Photo app that allows you to check in to a location by taking a picture or selfie.
  • Media Player - Allows you to listen to unlocked song content.
  • SongSneak - Allows you to identify songs playing nearby.
  • Director's Cut - Puts a sepia filter on your game.
  • Camera - Take pictures and selfies.
  • Gallery - See all photos taken by the player.
  • Contacts - Manage friends.
  • Game Options - Allows the player to change game settings.