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The San Francisco Police Department is one of two police departments in San Francisco during Watch Dogs 2, the other being the Oakland Police Department.



  • Homeland Security Unit - A specialty unit designed to work jointly with the SFPD and OPD for domestic security and counter-terrorism efforts.
  • Patrol Special Police - A privately funded armed security unit that is regulated and overseen by the San Francisco Police Department, but not actually beholden to them. They've been accused of abuse of power in San Franciso and Oakland.
  • SWAT - A coordinated unit between the SFPD, OPD, FBI, DEA, and ATF that carries out elite operations.

Enemy Types[]

  • Gunman (SFPD)
  • Armored Gunman (SFPD)
  • Marksman (SFPD)
  • Enforcer (SFPD)
  • Elite (SFPD)
  • Armored Gunman (SFPD)

Sub-Org Types[]

Though these are not technically part of the San Francisco Police Department due to affiliation, they are largely culled from the same workforce.

  • Armored Gunman (Corrupt Cops)
  • Marksman (Corrupt Cops)
  • Enforcer (Corrupt Cops)