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Bradley Caughlin is a character in Watch Dogs, and is a former programmer for Blume Corporation.


Rose Washington is a minor character in Watch Dogs. According to the audio logs, she was an employee of Blume alongside Raymond Kenney and Tobias Frewer, and likely helped develop ctOS at the bunker. She is mentioned as having helped Ray prank Tobias in various schemes, and was apparently aware of Ray's apprehensions regarding the Bellwether and ctOS. She was either fired or forced to resign Blume around the time Raymond Kenney was forcibly fired. Afterwards, she remained in Chicago before becoming a pawn in the South Club and Blume's bid to control the mayor.

Dermot "Lucky" Quinn, the leader of the Chicago South Club, ordered Blume to find some blackmail on Mayor Donovan Rushmore. After Blume used the Bellwether to coerce the mayor into divorcing his wife, they used the ctOS to extensively monitor Rushmore and Washington and manipulated them into a relationship, before ultimately manipulating the mayor into killing her. Dermot "Lucky" Quinn, after the raid at his hotel, The Merlaut, thought Aiden Pearce was hacking in to find the video of the mayor committing the murder he recently found. Hiring Clara Lille to track the duo and in turn hiring Maurice Vega to carry on the hit placed on them, setting the events of the game in motion.