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Rogue Dave is one of the members of the Council of Daves, the administrative arm of DedSec in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


While investigating the "Council of Daves", it's shown that the rest of DedSec's leadership is tired of the social media posturing and showmanship of the other Dave's, and that this faction desires "real change" through militarization. As part of a plan to achieve this, a rogue Dave lured Dave04 and DazeZB to the Ambrose Theater, murdering them. The rogue Dave video taped Defalt meeting with the Daves, encoding the video using QR onto Pawnee Dam, and notified the Daves of the murder, implication Defalt as the murder in the hopes of starting a full on war. To further this, he arranged for Daveftp, Dave Capisano, and Dave of Spades to be ambushed during a fake meeting at a Pawnee construction site by Fixers, but the Daves were protected by Raymond Kenney, who had learned of the plot just in time to save them. Kenney told the Daves they were now indebted to him.