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The following rewards are earned upon completion of certain plot points or missions. Be aware that spoilers for Watch Dogs are almost assured in the list.

Skill tree seen 22 min into video[]

Progression Rewards[]

Requirement Reward
Main Mission: Act I 2nd tier Skills, Family Man (Achievement)
Main Mission: Act II Luciano (Car), Who Is Raymond Kenney? (Achievement)
Main Mission: Act III One Down, One to Go (Achievement)
Main Mission: Act IV Rosewood (Car), Gambino (Car), Vengeance (Achievement)
Main Mission: Act V Log Off (Achievement)
Side Mission: Crimes Detected Quick Switch (Skill), Chrome (Weapon), Enforcer (Achievement)
Side Mission: Criminal Convoys Critical Focus (Skill), Destroyer (Weapon), Road Rage (Achievement)
Side Mission: Fixer Contracts Zusume R (Car), Offensive Driver (Skill), Boxberg LE (Skill), End of Line (Achievement)
Side Mission: Gang Hideout Contracts AK-47 Assault Rifle (Weapon), Rapid Reload (Skill), Spec-Ops SMG-11 (Weapon), Basest Base (Achievement)
Investigations: Burner Phones Vespid LE (Car), Sanity Check (Achievement)
Investigations: Human Traffic Magnate LE (Car), Revoking Client Privileges (Achievement)
Investigations: Missing Persons Wildfire (Weapon), Darkness Looms (Achievement)
Investigations: QR Codes Gangster (Weapon), Read-only (Achievement)
Investigations: Shipping Crates Spec-Ops Goblin (Weapon), Saturday Night Special (Achievement)
Collectibles: Audio Logs D12 (Weapon), XP Bonus
Collectibles: City Hotspots Geolocated (Achievement)
Collectibles: ctOS Towers SMG-11 (Weapon), Amargosa Turbo (Car), Clear Signals (Achievement)
Collectibles: ctOS Breach System Mangler (Achievement)
Collectibles: Privacy Invasion Vespid HMI 5.2 (Car), Sunrim (Car), Peephole (Achievement)
Collectibles: SongSneak Disc Space Full (Achievement)
Online Contracts: Online Hacking OCP-11 (Weapon), MP-9mm (Weapon), Hackification (Achievement)
Online Contracts: Online Tailing SG-90 Shotgun (Weapon), SO Vector .45ACP (Weapon), Piggyback (Achievement)
Online Contracts: Decryption Chicago Way (Loadout), Firepower (Loadout), Heavy Duty (Loadout)
Online Contracts: Races Livraga LE (Car), Superhighway (Achievement)
City Games: Cash Run P-9mm (Weapon), Blast Resistance (Skill)
City Games: Chess Maximized Focus (Skill)
City Games: Drinking Piledriver (Weapon), Social Lubricant (Achievement)
City Games: NVZN Auto Weapon Expert (Skill)
City Games: Poker Sayonara LE (Car)
City Games: Shell Game XP Bonus