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The police helicopter is a unit that follows the player around when the player has a certain wanted level and is being pursued by the cops.

Players cannot pilot this vehicle because it is only seen in the air. Instead of being destroyed it retreats. This is one of the hardest police vehicles to shake since it can follow players anywhere as long as there is line of sight, and it has a high speed of travel.

There are 3 ways to incapacitate the helicopter:

  • Dealing a lot of damage to it
  • Shooting the sniper off the side
  • Using Disable helicopter hack (stops it for a short time)


  • The helicopter appears to be the American Bell 206 helicopter.
  • The helicopter is equipped with both a Public Address (PA) System and a high-intensity searchlight; both were used in the Demarco incident.
  • As seen in the earlier game-play videos, the Police Helicopter can be hacked using an iPad or other device outside of the game proper.

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