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Lenni Kastner (often called simply Lenni) is the leader of Prime Eight in Watch Dogs 2.


Lenni is the leader of Prime Eight, a rival hacking group in Watch Dogs 2. Product Manager David Therio stated:

"I bet ya if you go back at watch some of even the first footage or Watch Dogs 2 to come out you may start to notice some of these guys now. Let me know what you think or maybe what you discover as you look at things again (if like me for the 20th time) in the comments below. Love to hear what you think about all of this. ;c)"


Though Lenny grew up in the rough neighborhood of Hunter's Point, she maintained positive grades throughout her education, and managed to scrape together enough capital and scholarships to get into Stanford. She was later busted on campus for marijuana possession, ending her educational career.

Despite this, her connections at Stanford allowed her to stay, and she soon set up the famous Stanford CompSci hacker space. Here, she created PRIME EIGHT.

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