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Lena Violet Pearce


6 (born June 4th, 2006)
Nicole Pearce (mother)
Jackson Pearce (brother)
Aiden Pearce (uncle)
Appears In

Lena Violet Pearce was Aiden Pearce's niece and her mother was Nicole Pearce.


Lena was born on June 4th, 2006. She was killed on October 26th, 2012, at the age of 6. The cause of her death was one of Aiden's jobs for the Fixers gone horribly wrong. This resulted in a kill order of Aiden by Dermot "Lucky" Quinn, and although they failed to do so, they inadvertently killed Lena.

As a result, Aiden sets out to avenge his niece's death and protect his family while discovering who is responsible for the attack.[1]

Her interests were music, dolls, wildlife and dancing.


  • Lena's grave was first shown in the Out of Control trailer, but her name wasn't visible; however, in the Story trailer, her name can be clearly seen, along with her favorite stuffed animal, a lamb, which was also the very one she had when she was killed.
  • Lena as lettish form of Helena means "light" but it can also mean "foregin, other"(when considered as for of Eleanor)
  • Lena is the name given to a standard test image widely used in the field of image processing and sometimes known as the "first lady of the internet"
  • Although the name of the first biker that killed her is known later in the game, the second biker Aiden looked for an instant before the car crash remains unknown.


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