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Jordi Chan can be seen 8:20 into video

Jordi Chin is an associate of Aiden Pearce, and is said to have a large role in the game, despite the fact that his relationship with Aiden is love-hate, making it questionable whether he would be considered a protagonist or an antagonist.


Jordi and Aiden seem to have a love-hate relationship, with Jordi providing resources, weapons, and information. In conversation during the E3 Gameplay Video, Aiden notes, "We don't hang out, because we'd kill each other.". Jordi also leads a gang known as the Fixers, and is theorized to be a gun dealer because of his arming of Aiden during the Joseph Demarco murder.


Jordi is known to be charismatic and intelligent, having reached his leadership position within the Fixers not through intimidation or fear, but through planning and prowess.


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