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Dušan Nemic

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Chief Technology Officer
Architect of the ctOS system.
Alive (in police custody)
Appears In

Dušan Nemec is the CTO of Blume and primary antagonist in Watch Dogs 2.


Dušan Nemec is the chief architect behind the modern implementation of the ctOS, and has expressed a lack of concern over civilian privacy or protected rights. He is a fan of yoga and violating constitutional protections. He showed this during recent trailers by saying "a few civilian casualties is the cost you have to pay for the betterment of the world". Once he is exposed by DedSec, Nemec is taken into police custody (and faces numerous counts of fraud) for abusing his access to ctOS for his own political and financial gain. His accounts are also seized by police after his arrest.[1]


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Dušan was born in ex Yugoslavia. The name Dušan, itself, originates from Serbia. Many Serbian rulers had that name since it holds a certain spice to it.

In the game, Dušan's last name ends with 'ec', which is very uncommon for a Serbian last name. Serbian last names end with 'ić'. The developers must've changed that so it was easier for pronunciation, which leads us to the information that his name is spelled Dušan Nemić (cyrillic Душан Немић).