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Watch Dogs
Bad Blood

JB "Defalt" Markowicz is a disc jockey who works in Dot ConneXion at Ambrose Theatre, and a blackhat hacker for hire who works against DedSec. He is a minor antagonist in Watch Dogs, but his actions cause a great deal of moral damage to Aiden and his allies.


> Defalt bears an uncanny resemblance to the popular real-life house music producer, Deadmau5. Defalt's mask resembles a rat, whereas Deadmau5's mask is that of a mouse.

> When profiled, his sub-description is listed as "twoplustwoisfive", this is likely a reference to the George Orwell novel 1984. This may also be an allusion to the Deadmau5 album "4x4=12".

> Defalt's name is a modified version of the word default. It could also be a stab at newly-started programmers who misspell default as defalt, an error that causes scripts to fail, usually made by lower-skilled hackers.

> In Dot ConneXion, Defalt uses binary code in his ctOS profile, like "01010010 01001111" as his name; "01000110" as his interesting fact; and "01001100" as his occupation. If put together, this can be translated in binary code to "ROFL," an internet acronym for the phrase "Rolling On Floor Laughing."

> He appears to have a grudge against the group DedSec. In his apartment a poster of the DedSec symbol can be clearly seen and appears to have been used as a dart board as there are several sharp objects stuck in the poster. The feeling appears to be mutual as DedSec refers to him as a "weakling" and a "coward".

> Defalt wanted to be part of DedSec's council but was rejected, as they didn't want people with public images, which goes against DedSec's wishes for being anonymous (even if his face was covered), as stated in an Audio Log by G1gg1L3s, another member of DedSec.

> Defalt's symbol appears as the logo for "Digital Trips," suggesting that he wrote and programmed them.

> His ctOS profile shows that his income is over $8,675,300 dollars a year. This is most likely untrue, given the fact that when Aiden Pearce uses the Profiler (after Defalt hacked it), all the other guests have hacked statuses, including ridiculous incomes. If he is spared, his fate afterwards is unknown - he is never mentioned or seen again, despite the fact that Aiden calls the encounter "not the last I'll see of him."

> Towards the end of the campaign, in an audio log, Lucky Quinn refers to Defalt as "promising."

> When T-Bone breaks into Defalt's Apartment, T-Bone finds a 6 gigabyte USB stick full of lesbian porn.