Damien Brenks

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Damien Brenks


Aiden Pearce (formerly)
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Damien Brenks is a character in Watch Dogs.

This is one of the characters in Watch_Dogs. He is Aiden's partner in crime during a particular portion of the game, but due to events becomes of the primary antagonists.

In the final Mission/Act Damien has seemingly gotten inside the ctOS and is preventing aiden from finding him doing from: Steam Pipe Exploding to Stopping you from intruding the system. Aiden must use T-Bone (Raymond,Kenny)'s Virus and planting it in 3 goals, however after you have implanted the virus into 1 point Damien will start messing the MiniMap/Navigation/GPS System Up causing it to flicker and add random goals. The way to bypass this is: You cannot waypoint the fake points and only the real ones. And the ~Xm Hack~ Notifications are still true to there name.