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Produced by the Blume Corporation, ctOS 2.0 is the updated version of ctOS currently installed in San Francisco.


In the summers of 2013 when public unrest was at an all-time high, the city of Oakland proceeded with Phase 2 of their Home Domain Center to “protect people through mass surveillance.”

The Home Domain Center was initially designed to monitor Oakland Port but quickly became an initiative to link all public and private cameras and sensors across all of Oakland into one mass surveillance tool being subsidized by Homeland Security. Nobody knew how much private data they were planning on keeping and for how long, but the program would use licence plate recognition, thermal imaging, body movement and facial recognition to analyze and scan all the data it received.

ctOS 2.0 quickly expanded throughout the city and to the surrounding areas, actively profiling people as potential or actual criminals. There is little oversight in the system, and DedSec believes it to actually be a system to benefit the political and technological elite through the control of information, rather than any "security" system it might portray itself as.

Systems controlled by the CTOS[]

  • Blockers and Road Spikes
  • Bridge Control
  • Power Grid
  • Traffic Lights
  • Crime Prediction System
  • Security Cameras
  • ATMs
  • TVs and Video Adverts
  • Citizens' Private Information
  • Cellular communications
  • Internet-connected devices
  • Facial Recognition
  • Power Transformers
  • Light Houses

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