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City Hotspots refer to landmarks located in one of the six districts of Chicago. Hotspots can also refer to the data you hack while accessing a ctOS security router. These are distinctly different and unrelated terms.


When you access your smartphone's menu, one of the options is the City Hotspots App. This useful device allows you to complete the following:

Bullet.png Check in at city hotspots

Bullet.png Access history and information about the city

Bullet.png Leave gifts for other players and earn badges

Bullet.png Become the mayor of a specific location

There are a total of 100 city hotspots, and each location contains interactions that you can complete.

Checking In[]

As you move around Chicago and check your map (provided you've uncovered the areas by accessing the ctOS control centers and towers), you'll notice small check mark icons. These indicate city hotspots. Marks that are filled in indicate locations that you've previously visited. You can plot a GPS course to any of them. Adjacent locations within your smartphone's radius are also shown, whether you've found them or not.


When you approach a city hotspot, look for a square plaque that displays a check (tick) mark. This allows you to check in. Your smartphone app launches at this point. Checking in at city hotspots allows you to discover history and information about the city of Chicago, earn badges, and pick up gifts left there or leave gifts for other players.

App Features[]

When you select the City Hotspots App, you're greeted with the screen which shows you how many places you've visited (check-ins) and how many badges you've earned. The 30 nearest hotspots to your current location are also listed. You can separate this list into those that you have or have not visited, along with icons showing the distance, whether you've check in, and the available number of gifts.


History and Information[]

When you access a city hotspot or bring up and select a previously visited hotspot, a submenu appears, where you can view details of the location:

  • The name and how many times you've checked in
  • History and other pertinent information
  • Who the "mayor" is
  • Whether gifts have been left by you or are available for you


Inside of the app, you can leave or receive gifts from other players. The gifts that you can provide of receive include:

  • Ammunition for any weapon
  • Items for crafting
  • Cash

Earning Badges[]

A variety of badges are available specifically related to hotspots. This includes badges for:

  • Checking in at a specific number of hotspots
  • Checking in with a specific total (e.g. 300 times)
  • Checking in at a specific type of hotspot (e.g. hotels)
  • Checking in within time limits
  • Checking in under certain conditions (e.g. rain)
  • Checking in on a certain day (e.g. July 4)
  • Checking in with friends

Becoming Mayor[]

By checking in at a location more times than anyone else over the course of a seven-day period, you become mayor. There are badges to claim by becoming mayor.

Note.png Note: There is a time delay of one hour between check ins, disallowing you to check in several times in a row.

Hotspots List[]

Hotspot Name Location
Green Hook Tackle Shop Pawnee
Abandoned Station Pawnee
Blume Pawnee
Junkyard Pawnee
Dam Pawnee
Pawnee Mill Pawnee
Vyvyn K. Turner Bridge Pawnee
Bernai Island Pawnee
Bridge Construction Pawnee
Crazy Moose Inn Pawnee
Pawnee Trailer Park Pawnee
The Pawnee Murder House Pawnee
Botanical Gardens Parker Square
St. Joseph Cemetery Parker Square
Farris Halstead Library Parker Square
May Stadium Parker Square
Phoebus Theater Parker Square
Parker Square Marina Parker Square
Owl Motel Parker Square
Piper Gate Parker Square
Deadman's Corner The Wards
The Murder Market The Wards
Shotgun Man The Wards
John A. Walsh Public School The Wards
Stockyards The Wards
Big Jim Colosimo's Cafe The Wards
Burned Down Factory The Wards
V Alley The Wards
Murder Castle The Wards
Home of Lloyd Pinkerton The Wards
Rossi-Fremont The Wards
Hawthorne Hotel The Wards
Aiello's Bakery The Wards
Hit on Johnny Torrio The Wards
The Chicago Yacht Club Brandon Docks
Cermak Bridge Brandon Docks
Four Deuces Brandon Docks
Lakeshore Water Refinery Brandon Docks
Windy City Shipyards Brandon Docks
Sienna Brick Factory Brandon Docks
Ambrose Theatre The Loop
Tremont House Hotel The Loop
35 East Wacker Drive The Loop
Abraham Lincoln Statue The Loop
City Hall The Loop
Haymarket Square Riot The Loop
Lombardo Murder The Loop
Desplaines Street Police Station The Loop
St. Jude Police League The Loop
Carding Center The Loop
Cree Theater The Loop
Vault Tower The Loop
Chicago Commerce Building The Loop
Miller's Rail Bar The Loop
Randolph Street Subway Terminal The Loop
Chicago Arts & Sciences Center The Loop
Forever Sculpture The Loop
Bram Steffan Pavilion The Loop
Face Fountain The Loop
Secret Six The Loop
Saffard Memorial Fountain The Loop
South Tech University The Loop
Lexington Hotel The Loop
Palin Correctional Center The Loop
Seventh Federal Bank The Loop
WKZ-TV Center The Loop
Raven Building The Loop
Willis Tower The Loop
Bootlegging Factory The Loop
Ocean Tower The Loop
Chicago Eastland Disaster The Loop
Aon Center The Loop
The Fort Dearborn Massacre The Loop
Bloody Maxwell Police Station The Loop
Meadowmoore Dairies The Loop
City Marina The Loop
Harbor Lighthouse The Loop
Triomphe Tower Mad Mile
Crowley Building Mad Mile
The Sands Mad Mile
Chicago World News Tower Mad Mile
WKZ-TV Tower Mad Mile
2nd Regiment Armory Mad Mile
Lipstick Killer - Brown Crime Scene Mad Mile
Lipstick Killer - Ross Crime Scene Mad Mile
Lipstick Killer - Degnan Crime Scene Mad Mile
Navy Pier Building Mad Mile
Sheridan Wave Club Mad Mile
Home of Samuel "Nails" Morton Mad Mile
O'Banion's Flower Shop Mad Mile
Water Tower Mad Mile
Saga Theater Mad Mile
John Hancock Center Mad Mile
Commonwealth Hotel Mad Mile
Birthplace of the Chicago South Club Mad Mile
St. Valentine's Day Massacre Mad Mile
St. Valentine's Day Massacre Lookout Mad Mile
Hanson Park Mad Mile
The Sausage Vat Murder Mad Mile
Seaside Restaurant Mad Mile