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The Chicago South Club is a prominent and powerful criminal syndicate in Chicago during the events of Watch Dogs.


The Chicago South Club is very much a vestige of old Chicago gangland warfare. In the 1920's, Chicago was primarily split between the Italian South Side Gang and the Irish North Side Gang. After the 1929 St. Valentine's Day Massacre, which all but wiped out the Irish North Side Gang, the few leaders left banded together under George "Bugs" Moran. This collusion formed a new gang known as the Chicago South Club, pooling the resources of the now unified mob bosses to take down those who had assaulted their beloved family. The gang took on the name Chicago South Club in honor of the bar where the plans were first laid out.

At first, the gang met huge opposition. The Chicago Outfit, headed by Al Capone, was an entrenched feature of Chicago, rich and merciless, and at first, there was very little the gang could do to meet Capone. It was soon discovered that Capone was actually behind the hit that took down their former mob. As their power grew, so did Capone's fear of the new gang - he ordered hits on two dozen Chicago South Club members as they met in a park, hoping that the public nature would discourage anyone else from opposing him. The hit was successful, with everyone being shot dead except for Dermot Quinn, who, because of this event and his lifelong good luck, was nicknamed "Lucky", surviving with only a grazed ear.

Rising to the challenge set forth by Capone, the club grew even stronger, calling upon its tied in Chicago's Irish community to transform from a ragtag group of mob survivors carrying out low-rent smuggling and bootlegging jobs to a powerful club, performing political corruption, bribes, financial crimes, money laundering, and trading in black market arms. After Capone was imprisoned, and later died, the Chicago South Club slowly absorbed the remnants of the Chicago Outfit, becoming bar-none the most powerful criminal syndicate in Chicago.

In 2013, the Chicago South Club was now firmly under Quinn's control. Seeing the evolving nature of crime, Quinn had taken the club into new territories. By expanding their criminal enterprise into human trafficking, cyber crime, and digital laundering, the Club survived into the modern era quite nicely, amassing a steady fortune and establishing pawns throughout the political establishment. Fearing a war with the Black Viceroys like the war fought during the nascent years of the Chicago South Club, Quinn arranged a peace treaty with their leader, Iraq, creating a criminal association that boosted both organization's profiles and powers. Calling in ties with Mayor Rushmore and the various political establishment members under his control, Quinn established the club as the most powerful syndicate in the city.

Criminal Activities[]

The club primarily focuses on economic crimes, ranging from embezzlement to bribery, though they by their very nature have been forced to commit political crimes, including assassinations and election rigging. Quinn also led the club into modern criminal activities, including cybercrime and laundering. The club often targets and kidnaps young immigrant women, selling them as sex slaves each year at a yearly auction held at Brandon Docks. Guests, invited by Quinn himself, can bid on these women. Quinn has close ties with the Blume Corporation, using the ctOS for his benefit while feeding information back into the system.


Watch Dogs[]

The club is a chief element of the story in Watch Dogs. After Aiden Pearce confronts them early on, they order multiple hits on Aiden and his allies. They are also one of the causes of the hit attempt at the beginning of the game.

Bad Blood[]

After Quinn is killed, his son Niall Quinn attempts to hold on to the club, with varying levels of success.


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