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Bottom of the Eighth
WatchDogs-Aiden Jordi.png
Mission no.: Act I
Mission 1
Location(s) Merlaut Hotel (prologue)

May Stadium

First appearance of: Aiden Pearce
Damien Brenks
Lena Pearce
Jordi Chin
BadBoy17 (voice)
Maurice Vega
Followed by They Can't Hide
No, too late. Bottom of the eighth, Chicago's ahead. Game's almost over. We are outta time.
~ Jordi Chin

Bottom of the Eighth is the first mission in Watch Dogs. It serves as an introductory mission, and teaches the player how to control Aiden and hack objects.

Mission plot[]

The start of the mission shows Aiden Pearce and his mentor Damien Brenks attempting to hack into a hotel known as the Merlaut and steal a large sum of money. They are discovered and identified. An unknown man, who has discovered that Aiden and Damien were the cause of the hack, orders a hitman known as Maurice to kill Pearce, with his family a potential target as well. A car containing Aiden, Lena, and potentially Jacks and Nicole (though this is unconfirmed) is attacked by two men on motorcycles- one of whom is Maurice. Maurice fires a pistol from the motorcycle, probably damaging one wheel of the car. The car flips, and Lena dies.

11 months later, Aiden corners Maurice at a baseball game at May Stadium. Aiden brutally interrogates Maurice but to no avail. He leaves Maurice alive and meets up with Jordi Chin, a fixer who Aiden hired, who stabs a gang member in the stomach. He warns Aiden that it is the bottom of the eighth, and the game will end soon. He has called the cops and plans to distract them by staging a shootout to lead the cops away from them. Aiden manages to sneak out of the stadium, but only after causing a blackout in the stadium, thanks to a hacker known as BadBoy17. The cops attempt to evacuate the stadium while dealing with the blackout, and Aiden escapes in the confusion.

Jordi left Aiden an escape vehicle and the player can choose to use it. Aiden must escape the police search area and return to his hideout. He knows that simple torture will not work and believes that Maurice, eaten by the guilt from the inside, will reveal who ordered the hit.


  • Shoot Maurice.
  • Examine Maurice's phone for information.
  • Leave the locker room when ready.
  • Sneak past the Police.
  • Hack the camera.
  • Follow the data flow line to its source.
  • Unlock the door.
  • Throw a lure to the designated area.
  • Use the lure to distract the cop.
  • Reach the upper level.
  • Find and hack the guard with the access code.
  • Hack into the stadium's network.
  • Create a blackout.
  • Escape the stadium.
  • Leave the police search area.
  • Reach your hideout.


  • During the introduction, when Damien scans the computer which triggers the alarm, you can briefly seen Rushmore's footage and screenshots from the giant auction screen featued in A Risky Bid.
  • In the room where police are arresting two Viceroys, Lance Brenner and Joseph DeMarco can be profiled.
    • Brenner's bank account is hackable.