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Blume Corporation

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Dušan Nemic (CTO)
Angela Balik (ctOS chief programmer)
Raymond Kenney (former engineer)
Tobias Frewer (former engineer)
Rose Washington (former engineer)
Appears In

The Blume Corporation is a highly secretive, corrupt organization responsible for the development of ctOS and ctOS 2.0 encountered in Chicago and San Francisco.


The Blume Corporation tags itself as the "world's foremost innovator of high-tech, high-performance communications and security technology", and accordingly is heavily involved in the development and implementation of security technology in Chicago and San Francisco. The Blume Corporation has products ranging from wireless phones to home computers, and specializes in wireless network-attached security systems. Their greatest "achievement" to date is the development and implementation of the ctOS.

Blume is best known by the citizens of Chicago for their free wi-fi hotspots which, beyond providing network access, also provides the largest security net in the United States; this net is used by Blume to collect information on thousands of people a day.


Using technology from Umeni, Blume developed the ctOS as an inter-corporate/governmental project to create a security network that could collect data on citizens and collate it in a readable, searchable format. While this was ostensibly done to increase security, it has been used by corrupt officials to coerce and control the citizenry. A empresa também opera na rede de tv ctOS TV e internet da Bay Área

Known staff


Blume appears in both Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.

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