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Aiden Pearce (también conocido como El Vigilante y The Fox por los medios) es el protagonista del videojuego Watch Dogs. Él es un hacker altamente cualificado de sombrero gris que tiene acceso al ctOS de Chicago usando un dispositivo especializado proporcionado a él por Clara Lille, el Profiler. Sus acciones terminaron destrozando a su familia, y Aiden ha tomado un camino contra los poderes de ellos. Su obsesión por la seguridad, vigilancia y controles han llegadado a ser peligrosos, extendiéndose hasta su propia familia (sin saberlo).



Aiden Pearce nació en Belfast, en Irlanda del Norte, en el 2 de Mayo de 1974.[1] Se da a entender que su madre llevó a su sobrino y a su sobrina, Nicole Pearce, a los Estados Unidos para escapar de su padre.


En el 2012, Aiden Pearce, junto con Damien Brenks, hackeó el Hotel Merlaut, propiedad de Dermot Quinn, para poder robar las cuentas bancarias de las personas. Quinn, también conocido como Lucky Quinn, pensó que estaba siendo hackeado por un vídeo del Alcalde de Chicago matando a una mujer llamada Rose Washington. Emitió golpes a Aiden y a Damien para asustarlos. Cuando conducía con su sobrina, las ruedas del coche de Aiden Pearce fueron disparadas por Maurice Vega, un sicario contratado por el Club. El coche resbaló, y un poco después, dio una vuelta de campana. Esto mató a su sobrina, Lena Pearce, y puso a Aiden Pearce furioso por conseguir venganza.[2]


Aiden is a Caucasian male with green eyes, brown mid-length hair, and light facial hair. While having his mugshot taken, it is shown that he is 6' 1" inches tall Template:Cite and appears to be of mesomorphic build. In the trailers Aiden wears a grey, long-sleeve, zip-neck sweater, usually un-tucked, though his clothes can be changed to several other jackets of similar style.  On top of the sweater, Aiden wears a modern, brown, knee-length trench coat. Aiden wears dark grey trousers and brown boots.  He also has a deep, gravelly voice.

Aiden also keeps a neckwarmer scarf tucked into the neck of his sweater, which he may pull up so that it covers his face up to the bridge of his nose. Aiden also wears a dark brown cap with a logo that can be debated to be either a stylized 'Nexus' logo or a fox. 

Abilities and skills[]

Pearce is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, lethal and non-lethal tactics, offensive and defensive driving, gunplay, hacking, and freerunning. He can chain together actions in rapid succession such as vaulting over a fence while hacking an electrical relay box to neutralize a criminal. 

His hand-to-hand combat skills are shown to be a variety of both martial arts and street fighting techniques, probably learned through his career as a thief and former Fixer. He is also skilled in countersurveillance, often shown when he is escaping various thugs, Fixers, and police officers. Consequentially, he is often required to escape from pursuers due to him being a wanted man.

Pearce also has 'focus mode' which slows down time and allows the player (Aiden) to get a better shot or see what to hack. This has been confirmed to be representitive of his quick reflexes and strong senses. 


Nicole Pearce[]

Main article: Nicole Pearce

Aiden and Nicole share a strong sibling bond. Aiden grew very protective of her after the death of her daughter, Lena Pearce. He feels extremely guilty and indebted to Nicky, despite her pleas and forgiveness towards Aiden as she wants to stop looking for the ones who murdered Lena, in fear of getting themselves killed. It has been shown that she is very confused and left out of Aiden's profession.

Jackson Pearce[]

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Aiden cares deeply for his nephew, Jackson, and would even kill to keep him safe. He was shown to be very protective of him when his mother, Nicole Pearce, was captured by Damien despite knowing that living with his therapist would lead to danger. Aiden kills the loads of fixers in order to get to Jackson, however his actions led Jackson to fear his uncle. Despite this, Aiden still cares about him and does not want to repeat the mistake he did with Lena.

Jordi Chin[]

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Aiden and Jordi have a love-hate relationship, though they irritate each other often, the two do somewhat understand each other and work well together. But despite their different tactics and ways of handling situations, the two are aware that they have to work together in order to get what they want. Jordi handles Aiden's needs by giving him ammunition and weapons such as sticky bombs as long as Aiden keeps his end by doing jobs for Jordi. However, Aiden is shown to be very assertive with Jordi when it comes to his moral implication, something Jordi understands to a certain extent.

Clara Lille[]

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Although he initially could not trust her and mistook her for a male before he met her in person, the two gradually form a close bond despite their initial interactions.


Main article: T-Bone Grady

Aiden and T-Bone are allies. T-Bone will help out Aiden throughout the story. As seen in some trailers Aiden and T-Bone are friends.

Murders committed[]

Behind the scenes[]

Aiden Pearce's character first appeared in the E3 gameplay demo in 2012, where he was shown carrying out the murder of media mogul Joseph Demarco. Actor Noam Jenkins provided the voice for Aiden Pearce in the game, while Sébastien Rouleau[3] provided the motion capture for Aiden's movement.[4]

Aiden Pearce has been compared to Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine kingpin, from the hit-show Breaking Bad by Watch Dogs' creative director Jonathan Morin, and he even cited White as one of the main influences for Aiden's character. "When I think about it for a second, he’s the most self-centered motherfucker on the planet, right?" he said, speaking of Heisenberg (Walter White) in terms that could, it seems, easily be applied to Pearce as well. "And then I go back and I say, 'Oh my god, he’s awesome, he needs to win.' And what’s great about that is it’s true for all the characters in the series, right? It’s the same in our game."[5]



  • Although Aiden is right-handed, he can use both his Profiler and a one-handed weapon simultaneously.
  • Aiden, as part of his hacking skills and need to monitor his family, is proficient in social engineering.
  • The broken "Z" on his mask is based off the logo of the game's original developer studio title, Nexus. Further more Nexus is the license plate (spelled N3X US) of Aiden's personal car, which he eventually gives to his sister to leave Chicago.
  • Aiden means "Fire Walker" in old Irish.
  • Aiden shares similarities to Ezio Auditore from Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series. Both have lost family that were murdered and plan revenge. They also try and protect what family they have left.
  • Aiden has no legal job in the campaign, and no ctOS record of a legal job. It is assumed he lives off money he and his partner stole as hackers before his niece died.
  • All of Aiden's outfits are virtually the same as his cover outfit, although varying shoes and boots, and different sizes and patterns on his clothes.
  • When trying to find Defalt in dotconnexion, Aiden's profile comes up as saying 'got his niece killed'. This is one of the few times this happens in the game in which you see this happen. Other times include when he is masquerading as Crispin and when he is in jail. At most other times Aiden's face does not register on the ctOS network which could be due to him hacking it to wipe himself off. 
  • At the end of the game, once the credits are rolling, the player can see a video of WKZ News, interviewing Doctor Mendez, the therapist of Jackson. She comments a book will be written about Aiden, with the end of exploring his mind and personality.
    • However, Doctor Mendez only met Aiden a few times in-game. It is possible that she had more encounters with him between Lena's death and the beginning of the game's main story.
  • Aiden is sometimes referred to by the citizens of Chicago as "The Fox" because of the stylized fox head on his hat, and the colors of his trench coat and sweater, which resemble that of a gray fox's coat.


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